Wellness for all

Calderys has a strong commitment to workplace health because our employees are potentially exposed to mineral dust, noise, and vibrations. Some jobs may also involve lifting or repetitive tasks with potential ergonomic challenges.
To avoid those issues, Imerys’ Health and Safety Team have defined 5 protocols as well as systematic checks on compliance. Good practices are shared with the operations by our “Industrial Hygiene (IH) club”. Web seminars are provided on good management practices for noise, dust, ergonomics, and chemical exposure. 
However, Health at Calderys does not end with initiatives directly targeted at improving working conditions. We have implemented a number of health programs, both on production sites and offices, aiming to improve the overall wellness of our employees and their families.
Contact our EHS team真钱扎金花太傅官网 if you need more information on our Health initiatives.